Not a Fact: BLM/ANTIFA Rioters ... – no, fuck off with whataboutism, you cocksucker
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2022-01-05 02:44:04 UTC
NYC Drops Charges Against Hundreds of BLM/Antifa Rioters
The most important thing, of course, is to put all the Jan 06 insurrection
conspirators in prison for 20 years.
2022-01-05 02:55:54 UTC
"... no, fuck off with whataboutism, you cocksucker" - Jealous Rudy


LOL... living rent-free in Rudy's puny mind.


Bill Ayers: Unrepentant LYING Leftist Terrorist | National Review


Between October 1969 and September 1973, the Weather Underground claimed credit
for some twenty bombings across the country, in which no one was harmed - save
the three cell members who perished ...


William Ayers says Weather Underground, Boston bombings ...


Bill Ayers, the 1960s radical who went on to become a college professor and
ASSOCIATE OF PRESIDENT OBAMA, said saturday the bombings he helped the weather
underground carry out


The Crazy True Story Of The Weather Underground


Over the course of the next decade, the Weather Underground took responsibility
for 25 domestic bombings, all in the name of sparking a social justice
revolution. The group would almost always target empty buildings at night or
give advanced warning of the attacks on the mostly government buildings,
according to The Guardian.


Weather Underground: United States Capitol Bombing

On March 1, 1971, Leftist Democrat members of the Weather Underground set off a
bomb on the Senate side of the United States Capitol. While the bomb SMASHED
WINDOWS and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of damage.


Leftist Democrat Weather Underground: Pentagon Bombing Investigators
search for clues after the May 19, 1972 leftist Democrat Weather
Underground bombing of the Pentagon


On May 19, 1972, Ho Chi Minh's birthday, the leftist Democrat Weather
Underground placed a bomb in the women's bathroom in the Air Force wing
of the Pentagon. The damage caused flooding that destroyed computer tapes
holding classified information. Other radical groups worldwide applauded
the bombing, illustrated by German youths protesting against American
military systems in Frankfurt. This was "in retaliation for the U.S.
bombing raid in Hanoi."

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground: Haymarket Police Memorial Bombing

Shortly before the Days of Rage demonstrations on October 6, 1969, the
Leftist Democrat Weather Underground planted a bomb which blew up a
statue in Chicago commemorating the deaths of police officers during the
1886 Haymarket Riot.

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground: New York City Arson Attacks:

On February 21, 1970, at around 4:30 a.m., three gasoline-filled Molotov
cocktails exploded in front of the home of New York Supreme Court Justice
John M. Murtagh, who was presiding over the pretrial hearings of the so-
called "Panther 21" members of the Black Panther Party over a plot to
bomb New York landmarks and department stores.

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground: Greenwich Village Townhouse Explosion:

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground members Diana Oughton, Ted Gold,
Terry Robbins, Cathy Wilkerson, and Kathy Boudin were making bombs in a
Greenwich Village townhouse on March 6, 1970 when one of the bombs
detonated. Oughton, Gold, and Robbins were killed.

In response to the death of Black Panther members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark
in December 1969 during a police raid, on May 21, 1970, the Leftist Democrat
Weather Underground issued a "Declaration of War" against the United States
government, using for the first time its new name, the "Weather Underground
Organization" (WUO), adopting fake identities, and pursuing covert activities

These initially included preparations for a bombing of a U.S. military non-
commissioned officers' dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey, in what Brian Flanagan
said had been intended to be "the most horrific hit the United States
government had ever suffered on its territory".

Then on June 9, 1970, their first publicly acknowledged bombing occurred at a
New York City police station.

On June 9, 1970, a bomb made with ten sticks of dynamite exploded in the 240
Centre Street, the headquarters of the New York City Police Department. The
explosion was preceded by a warning about six minutes prior to the detonation
and was followed by a WUO claim of responsibility.

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground: Plot to Bomb Office of California

In November 1977, five Leftist Democrat Weather Underground members were
arrested on conspiracy to bomb the office of California State Senator John
Briggs. It was later revealed that the Revolutionary Committee and PFOC had
been infiltrated by the FBI for almost six years.

FBI agents Richard J. Gianotti and William D. Reagan lost their cover in
November when federal judges needed their testimony to issue warrants for the
arrest of Clayton Van Lydegraf and four Weather people. The arrests were the
results of the infiltration.

Leftist Democrat Weather Underground members Judith Bissell, Thomas Justesen,
Leslie Mullin, and Marc Curtis pleaded guilty while Van Lydegraf, who helped
write the 1974 Prairie Fire Manifesto, went to trial.

Within two years, many members of the Leftist Democrat Weather Underground
turned themselves in after taking advantage of President Jimmy Carter's amnesty
for draft dodgers. Mark Rudd turned himself in to authorities on January 20,
1978. Rudd was fined $4,000 and received two years' probation. Bernardine Dohrn
and Bill Ayers turned themselves in on December 3, 1980, in New York, with
substantial media coverage. Charges were dropped for Ayers. Dohrn
received three years' probation and a $15,000 fine.



When the Narcissist Fails

A Cautionary Examination of How Narcissists React To Failure

Rudy, The Insanely Jealous Narcissist

Rudy, the narcissist, usually has a deep need to be better than everyone else.
This makes him likely to become jealous of anyone he perceives as better than
him in any possible way.

Surprisingly, you don't have to be better in a real sense for you to trigger
his jealousy.

As long as you have any advantage he doesn't have, that's enough to make him
jealous. Sometimes jealousy can force Rudy the narcissist to act in ways that
defy normal human behaviour.

Jealousy is one of the emotions that makes Rudy, the narcissist, both hilarious
and sad.

A Sense of Competition:

A sense of competition, real or perceived can trigger jealous narcissists,
like Rudy.

Surpassing a narcissist, like Rudy, at anything that you are both involved in
or succeeding at something he failed at, can make him extremely jealous.

Rudy Has Low Self-Esteem:

Rudy, the narcissist, may not be jealous of someone on Usenet, who is better
looking, as long as he is confident in his looks.


But, he isn't, so he isn't confident in his ability to socialize. Rudy is
always jealous of his social and Usenet rivals, who make him look like the runt
child he is... daily.

Actually... Rudy, the narcissist, makes himself look like a child. We do not
need to help him in this realm.

Because Rudy, the narcissist has very low self-esteem behind the mask of ultra-
confidence, he becomes very jealous of anyone who has genuine confidence...
like those he pretends to be better than.

They Are Happier Than Rudy:

When a narcissist is depressed, he doesn't like to see someone happier and
excited, especially if that person makes him look stupid... which is usually

This is because he knows that a happy person is powerful. Powerful enough to
make him feel like a worthless turd... that is, until that person makes a
spelling or grammar mistake.

Rudy's self-esteem is so low, that even though HE'S fucked up so many times,
grammatically and spelling-wise, he still has to show his imaginary
superiority, by pointing out others' mistakes.

When you are happy, you became more confident, assertive and clear-minded. On
the other hand, when a person is sad or depressed, he usually feels weak and
vulnerable, like Rudy, who lashes out at those he sees as his superiors.

When a narcissist, like Rudy is depressed, feelings of vulnerability that
accompany depression make him see a happy person as a threat, especially when
it's a person that he doesn't get along with, which is 99.9% of Usenet, since
he's a homophobic racist, who insults everyone, because Rudy HATES everyone he
thinks is his superior.

Rudy Is Insecure:

Insecurities make a person doubt his ability to keep anyone interested.

If he is financially unsuccessful (well... YEAH!) and believes that his Usenet
rivals are MORE successful (well... duh!), he may be very jealous their

Rudy, the narcissist, hates it when people around him are better in every
possible way. He needs to be above everybody else in order to feel superior,
and have the ability to sleep.

For this reason, he becomes very jealous of anyone he sees as superior than
him, especially when there is a sense of competition.

We Are Stealing His Attention:

refutations. He only replies to say, "play with me!"

Rudy doesn't have the mental capacity to form his own opinions on subject
matters that are above his head, so he simply replies in the negative, even if
it's proven that the OP is correct in everything he says or quotes.

Because he thinks that he is better than common people, Rudy believes that he
deserves more attention than the average Usenet member.

Getting the attention that a narcissist believes HE deserves, can cause a lot
of jealousy.

Poor Rudy.
Rudy Canoza
2022-01-05 03:42:29 UTC
NYC Drops Charges Against Hundreds of BLM/Antifa Rioters
There were no "antifa" rioters.

Fuck off with your whataboutism. It's more important to put Republiscum/QAnon
insurrectionists in prison for life.

Few 2020 BLM protests that turned violent: bad

Trump's 2021 insurrection/coup attempt that *started out* violent: orders of
magnitude worse

This is settled. As they say, "it is not in rational dispute." Amen.
2022-01-05 04:38:59 UTC
On Tue, 4 Jan 2022 19:42:29 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Post by Rudy Canoza
There were no "antifa" rioters.
OK psycho... tell us what bullshit semantics you're trying to employ here.

ANTIFA: Nazi salute, with a twist

Sieg Heil, mutha fuckas.



Cops Declare Riot In Portland As Antifa And BLM Protesters ...



More than two dozen ANTIFA RIOTERS


Jun 6, 2021More than two dozen suspected Antifa rioters have been charged in
Portland in the past two weeks, signaling an escalation by both local and
federal prosecutors following a full year of riots in ...


'Heavily armed' ANTIFA RIOTERS descend on Oregon Capitol ...


A rioting #antifa militant was nearly run over by a truck at the Oregon state
capitol in Salem. #Antifa have gathered there today with weapons. They're
throwing rocks at vehicles passing by ...


Portland ANTIFA RIOTER charged with assaulting police has ...


Portland Antifa rioter charged with assaulting police has case dismissed after
30 hours community service Portland, like other major U.S. cities, dealt with a
wave of protests and social unrest in ...


ANTIFA MEMBERS throw explosives, disperse chemical spray ...


Antifa members throw explosives, disperse chemical spray in violent Portland
riots Approximately 50 Antifa members and 100 right-wing protesters clashed in
violent riots on the streets of Portland
Images for antifa riots


Known ANTIFA MEMBERS posed as pro-Trump to infiltrate ...


Jan 7, 2021The Antifa members disguised themselves with pro-Trump clothing to
join in the D.C. rioting said the sources, who spotted the infiltrators while
monitoring video coverage from the Capitol.


Report: 2020 ANTIFA-LED RIOTS Injured More Police ...


Report: 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots Injured More Police Officers, Caused More
Damage, and Resulted in More Arrests Than The Capitol Riot "The summer 2020
riots resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many
arrests, and estimated damages in dollar terms up to 1,300 times more costly
than those of the Capitol riot," RealClearInvestigations noted in their


Fact Check: Was a MEMBER OF ANTIFA Arrested in the Capitol ...


The Facts. Before the dust could settle in the wake of the riot, right-wing
media and conspiracy theorists began releasing allegations of the riots being a
hoax staged by Antifa.


Flashback 2020: Six Months of ANTIFA RIOTING ...


On Thursday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris used their platforms as the next POTUS
and VPOTUS of the United States to gaslight the American people with their
dishonest comparison of Wednesday's Capitol Hill riots to the Antifa/Black
Lives Matter looting and riots that happened in Democrat-run cities for over
six months in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.


Called pathological liar, compulsive liar, or habitual liar, Rudy has a
strong tendency to lie or exaggerate. Typically, he has no regard for
the truth.

What Is a Pathological Liar?

Rudy, the pathological liar is a person who lies at a high frequency and
has no regard for the repercussions of his lies. He will lie to anyone
at any time about any issue. The lies could be big or small, detailed or
vague, or orchestrated or spontaneous. For pathological liars, it seems
his only goal is to lie.

Typical lies have a clear purpose, including to avoid trouble, gain
benefit, or impress HIMSELF.

A pathological liar differs from normal lying behavior based on the
frequency, the duration, and the goal of his lies.

The lies that a pathologcal liar, like Rudy, tells, are:

Lies that are extensive and overly complicated Lies and patterns of
lying that last for years or a lifetime Lies that are disproportionate
or unrelated to any end goal Lies that are not a result of another
mental or medical health condition.

Well, we already KNOW that isn't true... Rudy has MULTIPLE mental

Based on these factors, Rudy's pathological lying could be defined as "a
persistent, pervasive, and often compulsive pattern of excessive lying
behavior that leads to clinically significant impairment of functioning
in social, occupational, or other areas."

Other characteristic of Rudy's pathological lying are:

It causes marked distress to the individual
It poses a risk to others
It occurs for longer than 6 months

Rudy may also be called a:

Compulsive liar
Habitual liar
Chronic liar
Person with mythomania
Person with pseudologia fantastica

5 Signs of Rudy's Pathological Lying:

Because his lies are often concealed well, Rudy, the pathological liar may be
well disguised among other people. With time, the pattern of untruths
and inconsistencies may become more apparent. For the most part, though,
his pathological lies will blend in with the truth, making these statements
challenging to discern. Even discovering the lies may not be enough to
stop the liar from telling them.

Here are five signs of Rudy, the pathological liar:

Speaking in vague or general terms:
(BINGO! or semantically vague... take your pick)

Liars, like Rudy, will try to avoid the future distress of having to recall
what lies he has told to which people by keeping information loose and vague.

Even something benign, like his favorite place to give blowjobs, can turn into
a long story with no solid answer.

The goal of this behavior is to keep his answer from conflicting with any lies
they may have told in the past.

Being overly specific or detailed: Alternatively, Rudy, the liar, may offer
stories with numerous fine points and details. The plan here is to be so
specific that no one could possibly question the truthfulness of the story
because the details are convincing.

Inconsistencies in stories: Rudy, the pathological liar, will not have a
perfect memory, so it is only a matter of time before he slips up by confusing
one lie for another. Hearing multiple responses to the same question will be a
way to identify a pathological liar.

Failure to commit to plans or often canceling plans: Rudy the pathological liar
will avoid making plans or may make plans and frequently cancel. This is
because he needs to keep his options open for other opportunities.

when caught in a lie. When the other person's patience is thin, Rudy, the liar,
may become angry or defensive to take the focus off of his lies.


5 Characteristics of Pathological Lying

The seeming randomness and unimportance of pathological lies may
surprise people. Some lies will have no influence or impact on a
relationship or situation whatsoever. Any story, situation, or
exaggeration a person can imagine may become a pathological lie.
Specific lies are endless, but they often have commonalities.

Pathological lies share these five characteristics:

Rudy, the pathological liar, lies more often than others and average
about ten or MORE lies per day. In terms of frequency, the lies could all be
variations of the same lie or 10 separate lies. To Rudy, the liar, the actual
lie may not be as important as the process of lying.

Long in duration:
Studies show that Rudy, the pathological liar, will continue with the excessive
lying for at least six decades. He may continue with a lie over the
long-term, or he may move from lie to lie with fluidity. Pathological
liars, like Rudy, are typically able to maintain a lie for years.

Lacking purpose:
Rudy's pathological lies are confounding because they serve no purpose and
accomplish no goal, other than for himself. Rudy, the liar, may say that his
favorite color is blue when it is actually orange or that his favorite food is
pizza when it is really lobster. This lie does not benefit the liar, but they
say it anyway.

Stress inducing:
Pathological liars, like Rudy, experience higher rates of stress from lying.
The stress may come from the intricacy of ongoing lies and the risk of being

Self-incriminating and defeating:
Standard lies can get Rudy out of trouble, but pathological lies get him into

Pathological liars, like Rudy, MAY LOSE HIS JOB, RELATIONSHIPS, AND PUBLIC
Rudy Canoza
2022-01-05 04:58:56 UTC
Post by AlleyCat
Post by Rudy Canoza
There were no "antifa" rioters.
OK psycho... tell us what bullshit semantics you're trying to employ here.
None. There were no "antifa" rioters. Calling some of the *well-justified* (no
question) 2020 George Floyd protests "antifa rioters" is proved to be a lie.

There were no "antifa" rioters. This is settled, rat-boi, you *squat-to-piss*,
*no-fight*, *never-a-bouncer* faggot punk shitbag.
2022-01-05 05:17:23 UTC
On Tue, 4 Jan 2022 20:58:56 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
Post by Rudy Canoza
Post by AlleyCat
Post by Rudy Canoza
There were no "antifa" rioters.
OK psycho... tell us what bullshit semantics you're trying to employ here.
None. There were no "antifa" rioters. Calling some of the *well-justified* (no
question) 2020 George Floyd protests "antifa rioters" is proved to be a lie.
LOL... the ANTIFA organization's rioting predates "George Floyd" (2020), you
disingenuous narcissistic LITTLE queer.

"The American antifa movement grew after the 2016 United States presidential
election of Donald Trump." - wiki

January 20, 2016
On Inauguration Day, insurrectionist Antifa members RIOTED in downtown D.C.,
leading to the arrest of at least 217 people, according to CNN.

February 1
Prior to a planned speech by Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California
at Berkeley, Antifa members and a coalition of ?Black Bloc? rioters devastated
the campus, causing approximately $100,000 in damages, according to CNN.

March 4
In Berkeley, California, a pro-Trump march was violently disrupted by Antifa
rioters. According to The Washington Post

April 15
A Pro-Trump demonstration in Berkeley, California, was disrupted when black-
clad rioters showed up.

May 1
A May Day rally in Portland, Oregon, descended into chaos when the ?anti-
fascists? showed up and started rioting, attacking police officers and setting

Shall I continue, liar?


Narcissistic Rudy's Sociopathic Alternate Reality

Rudy's Denial of Reality

Why Does Narcissistic Rudy Need So Much Attention

Rudy's Low Self Esteem FORCES Him To Reply, Even When There's NOTHING To Reply

There Are Several Theories For Why Rudy Can't Stop Lying

A Cautionary Examination of How Rudy Reacts To Failure

Rudy... triggered.
2022-01-05 06:18:27 UTC
On Wed, 05 Jan 2022 07:56:20 +0200, ! Kurt Nicklas says...
LOL It's triggered time for Rudy!
*Why* does virtually no one engage with the mental defective? - Tudes Canoza

Stupid doesn't realize... why WOULD anyone engage me? I don't WANT yes men and
an echo chamber, so why would someone on MY side "engage" me?

When you agree with someone, you don't HAVE to engage them, stupid Tudes.

The left winger pansies are just chicken shits who can't debunk a fucking word
I say, so they don't even try.

edell, Holeman, bowser, Siri, Lee, SpermMan, et al, have all pretty much
stopped replying, because they KNOW that I will post so much contrary articles
to their bullshit, they've just given up.

I KNOW these narcissists... they would NOT allow me to post lies, so WHY won't
they reply?

Because they're all chicken shits, who can't stand it when I show them for what
they are... nothing but a bunch of pussy nerds, who piss moan and cry about

I don't mind... it means they're losers who can't stand to lose, like YOU


[I Just *LOVE* The Way This Sig-file Makes Boi-Fucker Lose His Fucking Mind]

Rudy's Little Man's Disease: A disease of short males marked by aggressive
antisocial behavior and constant overcompensation resulting in pompous
mannerisms such as spitting, twitching, swearing, speaking loudly and tough

"I can kill you with one hand. You know this." - Rudy

The disease only affects teenagers or men who are less than 5' 6" tall.

"I'm about eight inches shorter than Trump [6' 2"]." - Rudy

The severity of this disease is inversely proportional to the height of the
sufferer. Other characteristics of this scourge are a very short penis, acne,
low I.Q and bad etiquette.

Often these males are homophobic to the point of insanity because of latent
sexual orientation issues.


"Fixed your lie, you you no-fight faggot." - Rudy

"Thanks for kicking my faggot ass." - Rudy

"'Self' is redundant, you toothless squat-to-piss no-fight faggot. - Rudy

"I've beaten *you* to a bloody pulp, you squat-to-piss *no-fight* faggot -
every fucking time. You're a zero, as every, stale, squat-to-piss *no-fight*
faggot who incessantly bleats about "mommy's basement" *ALWAYS* is." - Rudy

"... you you no-fight faggot." - Rudy

"... you toothless squat-to-piss no-fight faggot" - Rudy

"Kicked your flabby faggot ass again. Yes." - Rudy

"You a Squat-to-Piss Faggot." - Rudy

"The disgusting gurgling, slurping sounds below are just the faggots Hartung,
Sanitary Napkin and Bit of Nothingness enjoying a three-way" - Rudy

"YOU lose, Nazi faggot." - Rudy

Little Man's Disease is an untreatable epidemic in this country.

This is Rudy: https://i.imgur.com/quxiPEh.mp4