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Hell, YOU can't explain ANYTHING, because, ever since the globe stopped warming
and the climate stopped "changing" (NOT that that's a topic for this group),
all YOU can do is post off-topic battery bullshit, amongst other off-topic

Just a few of uNumbNuts' off-topic posts:

Subject: Stopping Carbon Pollution By 2050 Would Add $1 Trillion To The Economy
From: Unum

See? It's ONLY about money for those who don't have it, and taking it away
from those who do.

Subject: One of The Nation's Largest Pipelines Caused The Biggest Spill In
From: Unum

"Spills" don't cause "global warming".

Subject: Saudi Prepared To Power Europe's Clean Energy Push Via Green Hydrogen
From: Unum

Subject: Canada Announces $2.75 Billion Investment In Zero-Emissions Buses And
Charging Infrastructure
From: Unum

Subject: US Energy Storage Market Shattered Records In Q4 2020
From: Unum

Subject: Fossil Fuels Are Wildly More Expensive Than Previously Thought
From: Unum

Subject: Carbon Taxes Are Out, And Clean Electricity Standards Are In
From: Unum

Subject: Advanced Nuclear Reactors No Safer Than Conventional Nuclear Plants
From: Unum

Subject: Iowa's Only Nuclear Power Plant Will Be Turned Into A Solar Farm
From: Unum

Subject: Cheap Batteries Could Soon Make Electric Freight Trucks 50% Cheaper To
Own Than Diesel
From: Unum

Subject: The Fossil Fuel Industry Would Be Screwed Without The U.S. Government
Propping It Up
From: Unum

Subject: Renewable Met 97% of Scotland's Electricity Demand In 2020
From: Unum

Subject: MIT Study Shows Plunge In Lithium-Ion Battery Cost Over The Last 10
From: Unum

Subject: US Says It Will Cut The Cost of Solar By 60% In A Decade
From: Unum

Subject: Solar Is Now "Cheapest Electricity In History", Confirms IEA
From: Unum

Subject: Lifespan of Australia's Longest Gas Pipeline Slashed
From: Unum

Subject: World's Biggest Coal Company Bets on Solar Power
From: Unum

Subject: The Climate Crisis Is Seriously Spooking Economists
From: Unum

Subject: Solar Is Cheapest Electricity In History
From: Unum

Subject: The Gas Engine Is Dead
From: Unum

No global warming bullshit, because there IS no global warming.



In 2021 (To Date), A Total of 222 All-Time Low Temperature Records Have Been
Broken In The United States, Versus Just The 7 For All-Time High

Also, in 2021 (To Date), U.S. Has Set 17,450 New LOW Temperature Records This
Year vs 13,886 High

Also also, in 2021 (To Date), Over the Past 7 Days, Thousands of Low
Temperature Records Fell Across the United States

Also, also also, (To Date) North America Has Set 233 New All-Time Monthly Low
Temperature Records In May (So Far) vs. Just The 18 Record Highs

Also, also also, also, Over the Past 7 Days, the United States Broke 3,782 Low
Temperature Records Vs Just the 518 Max

Also, also also, also, also, The United States (Lower-48) Just Set Its Coldest
Temperature Ever Recorded This Early In the Season

Also, also also, also, also, also, Hundreds of All-Time Records Fall Across
North America: "This Cold Weather Is Not Normal!"

The All-Time Record For 'Coldest High Temperature' Also Fell On Monday

Cold Ravages Europe With "Agricultural Disaster" Declared In France, As Record
Cold Hits UK

Record Low November Temperatures Sweep Delhi, India

Spain Records Its Coldest-Ever Temprature (MoP)

Record October Lows/Snows Threaten Majority of North America as Arctic Air
Prepares to Plunge South

The UK Records Its Coldest September Temperature in 23 Years

Bone-Chilling Cold Sweeps Northeast Russia, Records from the 1950s and 60s Fall

Record Spring Cold Sweeps Brazil + a Continent-Wide Polar Blast On Course to
Hit South America

100-Year-Old Cold Records Smashed In Reno, Nevada - This Simply Should Not Be
Happening In a Warming World

Record Cold Hits the Russian Arctic Coast

China Plans Record LNG Imports to Battle Unprecedented Cold

Lake Tahoe Sets Its 3rd Record Low In a Week As Unprecedented November Cold
Lingers In The West

Record Lows Sweep Northeastern United States

Killing Freeze Hits Kansas As All-Time Cold Records Fall

Records Fall Across India

Arctic April Grips North America Breaking Hundreds of All-Time Cold Records

Unseasonable, Record-Breaking Cold Across Country Blamed For at Least 8 Deaths
- Record-Breaking Cold Blast Grips Over 200 Million Across The Country

Parts Of UK And US Suffer Their Lowest May Temperatures On Record

Australia: December 1st Threatens Record Cold And Rare Summer Snow

Calgary Ties Its Longest Streak Below 20C (68F) In Recorded History

Unprecedented Spring Snow Hits Parts of Australia As Regions Suffer Their
Coldest September Temperatures Ever Recorded

Australia To Suffer Yet Another Continent-Wide Icy Blast ? Low Temperature
Records Will Be 'Shattered'

The Month of May Brings Record (Sometimes Historic) Cold To Both Hemispheres

20+ Weather Stations Across China Equal/Break Lowest-Ever Temperature Records
for Month of December

Denver Obliterates All-Time Low Temperature Records In Weather Books Dating
Back 148 Years

Antarctica Just Set Its Coldest March Temperature On Record: A Global Warming
Destroying -75.3C (-103.5F)"

UK Set For Its Coldest October On Record

Katesbridge, Ireland Just Recorded September Temperature of All-Time

Global Temperatures Suffer Second Largest Two Month Drop In Recorded History

Arctic Freeze Set to Break 142-Year-Old Low Temperature Record In Cheyenne, WY

In The Land of The Drought And Heat - Multiple Cold Records Fell In California

Bad Cold News:

Winter Returns To North America - April 14th

Australia - "Worst Frosts in Decades"

Slovenia Suffers Coldest April Temp In History

Europe's Polar Cold To Intensify Through April, As North America Braces For A
Similar Fate - Grand Solar Minimum

Switzerland Registers Coldest Spell in 3-Decades

European Fruit Shortage Expected

Spring Freeze Shortens Fall Apple Season For Indiana Orchards: "It's the Worst
We've Seen In Decades"

Colorado's Historic October Cold, Turns Deadly

According to the MSM, Global Warming Could Still Make It Too COLD to Grow
Citrus Fruits In Southeast U.S.

5th Cold Spring In A Row

Extreme Cold Blamed for 17 Deaths in Midwest, Northeast; Frostbite Injuries
Quickly Adding Up in Chicago

Delhi Just Shivered Through Its Coldest Month of October Since 1962

Why Is North America Immune to Global Warming?

Lamestream Media Blames The East's Heat On "Climate Change" While Ignoring The
West's Dominating Cold

Extreme Cold Kills 900+ Trees in Montana City - November 4, 2020

Northwest Territories to Suffer "Colder-Than-Average Winter," Warns Environment
And Climate Change Canada

A Staggering 23 Norwegian Weather Stations Logged Their COLDEST-EVER July
Temperature Last Month

Prepare for More Extreme Cold Weather in Yucatan, Mexico Warns Meteorologist

Severe Spring Frosts Destroy Crops Across Europe

Century-old "LOWS" Follow Century-old "SNOWS" across Michigan's Upper Peninsula

France Is Suffering Its Coldest Start to Fall Since 1998, With Additional
Arctic Blasts Forecast

Cold, Snow, And Epic Flooding: "the Weather In Slovakia Is Reminiscent of the

Delhi Suffers Coldest Month of November In 71 Years, Since Before The Birth of
The Indian Republic
2021-10-04 14:13:11 UTC
Post by AlleyCat
Hell, YOU can't explain ANYTHING, because, ever since the globe stopped warming
and the climate stopped "changing" (NOT that that's a topic for this group),
all YOU can do is post off-topic battery bullshit, amongst other off-topic
Argument by Assertion; the logical fallacy where someone tries to argue a
point by merely asserting that it is true, regardless of contradiction.

Argumentum ad Nauseam; the logical fallacy that something becomes true
if it is repeated often enough.


The 450-mile (725km) cable connects Blyth in Northumberland with the Norwegian
village of Kvilldal.

At full 1,400 megawatt capacity it will import enough hydro-power to supply
1.4 million homes, National Grid said.

National Grid Ventures president Cordi O'Hara said it was a "remarkable feat
of engineering".

She added: "We had to go through mountains, fjords and across the North Sea to
make this happen."

Hydropower in Norway and wind power in the UK are subject to weather
conditions and fluctuations in demand.

Using NSL, renewable power can be exported from the UK when wind generation is
high and electricity demand low, or be imported from Norway when demand is
high and wind generation low.
2021-10-05 01:53:51 UTC
Why does pussy hate Usenet while breaking its rules, regarding SPAM?

FAQ: Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines

https://news.admin.net-abuse.usenet.narkive.com > 9KSaOlrt > faq-current-

it's abusive, it doesn't matter whether it's on-topic in the groups it was
posted in, it doesn't matter whether the posting is for a "good cause" or not -
spam is cancelled regardless, based on _how many times_ it was said


Blah blah blah goes the gaytard, who STILL hasn't a single refutation, other
than his agenda-driven bullshit OPINIONS.

Of COURSE AlleyCat Runs Away From Gay-Boy and His "Swimming Buddies"


In These Days of "CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING," The South Pole Just Suffered
Its Coldest 'Winter' In Recorded History

October 4, 2021 Cap Allon

Contrary to the MSM's agenda-driven narrative, the South Pole has been
suffering unprecedented cold this year.

Between the months of April and September, the South Pole averaged a
temperature of -61.1C (-78F).

Simply put, this was the region's coldest 6-month spell ever recorded, and it
comfortably usurped the previous coldest 'coreless winter' on record - the -
60.6C (-77F) set back in 1976 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20).

This incredible and AGW-destroying reality is confirmed by Antarctica
climatology journalist Stefano Di Battista who has closely watched and
published research on Antarctic temperatures for many years:


1/1 Extraordinary coreless winter (April - September) at South Pole Station.
The average as been -61.1 °C the coldest ever recoded. This value set -2.2 °C
on the reference 1981-2010 and -2.5 °C on 1991-2020. Previous record -60.6 °C
in 1976

Battista also points out that for June, July, August and September the average
temperature for each of these month finished-up below -60C (-76F) - a
phenomenon that has occurred on just 3 previous occasions: in 1971, 1975 and

It has long been proposed that this upcoming bout of low solar activity (Grand
Solar Minimum) will commence with a return to the historically cold winters of
the 1970s - and here we are. Unfortunately, it's only downhill from here:

A similar story is playing out at the North Pole, too.


The natural and slight warming trend observed over the past few decades is
over: climate is cyclic, never linear, and trends change. And in line with this
returning chill, Arctic Sea Ice is also on a sharp uptick this year, as
visualized in the NASA chart below:



Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a control mechanism.

It is a divisive, terrifying theory-and one they have the gall to blame
entirely on us humans (which in itself is absurd).

AGW is ideal for advancing their overarching Great Reset agenda, which includes
depopulation. They are breeding a culture of fear within the general public in
order to achieve political goals via emotional bias.

Our children being the most susceptible to this kind of game-playing is no
accident. But for all you adults still being manipulated by this 'button-
pressing', the data is readily available for you to thoroughly evaluate. To
ignore facts and logic, and to instead blindly believe the picture painted by
those with vested interests shows a powerful ignorance, and cowardice.

How is it that a person can on the one hand harbor a distrust for
politicians/politics, yet on the other unquestioningly believe what
governmental bodies/scientists are telling them? How can it be widely accepted
that governments are lobbied by powerful multinational corporations, yet when
it comes to questions around the efficacy or even the need for a vaccine -for
example- we all shut up?

There are powerful silencing tactics at play, driven by fear.

Added to that, most people have mastered the art of cognitive dissonance.

But it stands, asking pertinent questions is NOT the same as pushing mindless
conspiracy theories. There are far too many coincidences for current events to
be legit. The world is slowly waking up to their intentions - but as
punishment, we're now under their thumb more than ever. As the Chinese
Communist Party is currently demonstrating, maintaining power is all that
matters - power takes precedence over the health of the economy and the
'happiness' of the people, because once you have an authoritarian grip on the
80%, it's game over for EVERYONE.


Fresh Spring Snow Hits Hawaii

Early-Season Snow Blasts Australia

Rare April Snow and Record Cold Hits UK

Belgrade Breaks All-Time Snow Record

Antarctic Blast Threatens Early-Season Snow In SE Australia

Monster Snowdrifts Block Scottish Roads

Southern Croatia Sees First April Snow Ever, As Whitehorse Snowpack Reaches
300% of Normal

April Snow Hits Hungary

Snow In The SE UK Virtually Gone... Oh, Wait - Thunder Snow Rattles The UK As
The Mercury Plunges to -9.6C (14.7F)

Heavy Early-Season Snow Blankets Aussie Ski Resorts As Bone-Chilling Cold Grips
The Entire Continent

Winter Nightmare Hits The Prairies As Blizzards Bury Cars And Farm Equipment
Under 7-Foot Drifts

Labrador Tuesday: Almost 3 Feet Buried Some Parts-The Most November Snow In
Recorded History

Another 7+ Feet of Snow Buries Parts of Japan, With Yet More on The Way

Labrador to Receive 40+Cm (1.3+Ft) of Snow Monday Following Record Cold

Dangerous Blizzards Battered Labrador Tuesday: Almost 3 Feet Buried Some Parts
- The Most November Snow In Recorded History

Toronto Obliterates All-Time November Snowfall Records

Cold, Snow, And Epic Flooding: "the Weather In Slovakia Is Reminiscent of the

The Northern Hemisphere Is Having One Of Its Snowiest Winters Since Records
Began In 1979

Mountain States Forecast a Foot+ of Snow This Weekend Before Lower-48's "Big
Freeze" Next Week

Substantial Early-December Snow Forecast to Blanket The UK And Europe: 11 Foot
(3.28 Meters) Predicted In The Alps

Heavy Snowfall Closes 86-km-long Road in Kashmir, Northern India

Prince George, Canada: Record Low Temperatures set to Follow Unusually Early

Record Breaking Blizzard Blasts Nunavut, Canada

Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Above Average + Greenland Ice Sheet's Astonishing
Gains Continue

Jackson Hole, WY: 2019 Was the Coldest Year On Record, 2020 Saw the Earliest
Snowfall On Record - Note the Trend

80% of Russia is Buried in Snow

Record-Breaking September Snow Headed for the Alps

Great Falls Breaks Seasonal Snowfall Records from the 1800s

Unusual Amounts of Snow Blanket Central Europe

Don't Let Anyone Tell You North America's Historic Shift to September Snow Is
Due to Global Warming

Unprecedented October Snowfall On Track to Bury British Columbia

Britain Braces for Its Biggest Snowstorm in A Decade+, As Rare Phenomenon Hits
The Scottish Rivers of Dunseith Strata

Minnesota just suffered its Largest Early-Season Snowstorm in Recorded History

Rare Summer Snow Hits New Zealand + Global Cooling Set To Intensify

Heavy Snow And Lowest-Maximum-Temperature-Records Fall Across India

Great Falls, Montana Smashes Snowfall Record

Unusual Snow Kills 4, Brings Much of Spain to A Standstill

Almost Twice As Much Snow Than Forecast Buries Atlantic Canada

Pakistan Mountains Buried Under "Tonnes" of Early Season Snow

Record October Lows/Snows Threaten Majority of North America as Arctic Air
Prepares to Plunge South

Higher Elevations of North America Set For 6 Feet of New Snow Over Next 10 Days
As Arctic Cold Descends

North America's October Snow Cover Is Now the Highest In "Recorded" History

Autumn Snowfall Event Leaves Europe's Alpine Glaciers in "Great Shape"

No More Snow, No More Snow Screeches Global Warmist, As New York Is BURIED in

St. Cloud Breaks All-Time Daily and Monthly Snowfall Records

Power Outages And "Near-Blizzard Conditions" In Canada's Nunavut Send Residents
to Emergency Shelters

Russian Power Plant Halts Operations Due to Snow And Ice, Leaving 120,000 In
The Cold

October 2020 Is Already Alexandria's Snowiest On Record-Almost DOUBLING the
Previous Mark

Australia's Alpine Areas Brace for More Heavy Spring Snow As Record-Threatening
Antarctic Blast Approaches

European Ski Fields Are Opening Early Thanks to Heavy Summer Snow

Unprecedented Spring Snow Hits Parts of Australia As Regions Suffer Their
Coldest September Temperatures Ever Recorded

Surprise September Snow Covers Siglufjörður, Iceland

Record-Smashing Snow Buries the Higher Elevations of Europe

Central Park Ties Its Latest Snowfall Ever + Hundreds More All-Time Cold Record
Tumble, Across North America

The END of Snow... Even in the "Lowlands" - Heavy Snow Blankets Britain

Southern England AND India STILL Getting Snow - 210 Road Closures in Hibachi
Pradesh As Heavy Snow Blankets Northern India

Apex Mountain Receives Record Early-Season Snow As Unprecedented Winter Storm
Hits British Columbia

Denver Breaks November Snowfall Record

U.S. Snow Totals 1500% of Normal In Some Parts

Rudy Canoza
2021-10-04 14:15:46 UTC
Post by AlleyCat
Hell, YOU can't explain ANYTHING, because, ever since the globe stopped warming
and the climate stopped "changing"
Warming and climate change have not stopped.
Post by AlleyCat
[snip plagiarized bullshit rat-boi Schild hasn't even read]
[I just *LOVE* the way that notice pisses rat-boi Schild off]