Forget Vaccines, Democrats Just Rely On God? - Anti-Vaccine Hesitancy In The Black Religious Communities
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2022-01-06 04:37:01 UTC
Black Protestants are among those who have seen a marked increase in vaccine
acceptors, rising from 49% to 66%. Vaccine hesitancy with the group also
declined, dropping from 32% to 21%.

So, anti-vaxxers in the Black Religious community was 32% at one time.

That's a lot.

Researchers highlighted the importance of faith-based overtures when it came to
getting religious people vaccinated, particularly within communities of color.
Among those who are now vaccinated, Hispanic Protestants (40%) and Black
Protestants (30%) were especially likely to say that one or more faith-based
approaches - such as forums on vaccine use convened by a local religious
community or encouragement from a faith leader - helped convince them to get

Worship attendance also had an effect. Among those who attend religious
services and are vaccinated, most Hispanic Protestants (54%) and a sizable
percentage of Black Protestants (42%) said faith-based overtures helped them
embrace inoculation against the novel coronavirus. Among vaccinated Hispanic
Catholics overall, 25% credited faith-based influences, a percentage that leaps
to 45% among those who attend services.

As for those who remain vaccine hesitant, some groups show an increased
willingness to heed faith-based encouragement. For example, white Catholics are
now twice as likely to say they could be nudged into getting a vaccine via
religious methods (31%) than earlier this year (15%).

Indeed, the shifts come in the wake of several efforts by religious communities
to encourage vaccination among the faithful. Campaigns sometimes operated in
collaboration with government officials: In Washington, D.C., several
historically Black churches served as staging locations for vaccine drives,
with leaders reaching out to parishioners and vaccinating clergy in public.
Several faith groups have also partnered with the White House to encourage
"movable" demographics to get vaccinated, and religious leaders from an array
of traditions - Hindu, Hispanic Protestant, Catholic and more - have canvassed
their communities and hosted vaccination drives as part of a multifaith "Faith
4 vaccines" initiative.


Colonial Canada Had Slavery For More Than 200 Years. And Yes, It Still Matters

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Canada Urged To Open Its Eyes To Systemic Racism In Wake Of Police Violence

Racism In Canada Is Ever-Present, But We Have A Long History Of Denial

Majority (60%) See Racism as a Serious Problem in Canada Today, Up 13 points
Since Last Year

Nearly a Third of Canadians (28%) Say They Have Personally Experienced Racism
in the Past Year - 24 July 2020


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Colonial Canada Had Slavery For More Than 200 Years. And Yes, It Still Matters

Canada's Slavery Secret: The Whitewashing Of 200 Years Of Enslavement
2022-01-06 04:41:22 UTC
Why So Many White Evangelicals Are Shifting From Vaccine Hesitance To

In March, white evangelicals were among the groups ranking the lowest on
vaccine acceptance; now more than half say they accept the COVID-19 vaccine.
What changed?

Hispanic Protestants were another group that was below 50% acceptance in March.

Black Protestants, who initially ranked fairly high on both hesitation and
refusal, have shifted too.

In June, 66% were vaccine acceptant, as compared with 49% in March. The number
of vaccine hesitant Black Protestants has also dropped by 11 percentage points.
And, in March, nearly 1 in 5 reported that they would refuse the vaccine, and
now only 13% would refuse.

Religious Democrats.


Canada Has Started Rejecting More Refugee Claims

Why https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/05/theres-a-

Canada has begun granting refugee status to fewer irregular border crossers

"Trying to depict these people as welfare bums and security threats and
criminals is a racist attitude. Canadians hate when you say that we're racist,


The Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada | BCG


Anti-Black racism in Canada is worse than most Canadians want to believe. With
the COVID-19 pandemic amplifying the injustices against Black People, it is now
more important than ever for Canadians to take action.


Racism & the Canadian historical past ...


The Canadian response to racism south of the border will be described as an
Americanization of Canadian historical past. The media's lack of protection of
racism in Canada, in its traditionally correct context, is a trigger for
concern. Totally different histories of racism.


Racism in Canada | News, Videos & Articles


Canadian MPs vote to condemn Atlanta mass shooting, anti-Asian racism. The move
comes days after eight people were killed by a white gunman in Atlanta. Six of
the victims were Asian American women ...


Anti-Asian Racism Lead, The Canadian Race Relations ...


The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) was created in 1996 to reaffirm
the principles of justice and equality for all in Canada. The CRRF's mandate is
to facilitate throughout Canada the development, sharing, and application of
knowledge and expertise to eliminate racism and all forms of racial
discrimination in Canadian society.


Is Canada a racist country? One-third of respondents in a ...


Jun 21, 2021

One-third of respondents in a new study say yes. Most Canadians agree that
Canada's diverse population makes it a better country. But on the question of
whether or not Canada is a racist country ...


Most Canadians Experience Racism ... - New Canadian Media


Canadian racism is sometimes called 'polite' and is characterized by
microaggressions, but that is a misnomer. Words like that are used to deflect
criticisms and differentiate Canada from the United States, says Henry, though
she does see similar ideologies and motivations.


Canada Must Withdraw From Racist Core Group - Yves Angler


The least Canadian antiracist activists should do is educate themselves about
racism in foreign affairs. There is no justification for Canada participating
in this nakedly imperialist alliance. All Canadians of conscience owe a debt of
solidarity to the people of Haiti. We must demand Ottawa immediately withdraw
from the racist Core Group.


Sikh Canadians Surge Politically In "Systemically Racist ...


"The reality is, our Canada is a place of racism, of violence." - NDP Party
Leader Jagmeet Singh, June 14th 2021. An unprecedented event occurred last
night in Alberta, Canada. Sikh-Canadian candidates won in both Calgary and
Edmonton mayoral elections.. Jhoti Gondek is the first Sikh-Canadian to become
mayor of Calgary. She will be taking over from Naheed Nenshi, three-time winner
as ...


Racism at IRCC could determine who gets in - New Canadian ...


IRCC employees are reporting racist workplace behaviour such as racially-
charged microaggressions at work, says survey. NCM reporter Isabel Inclan
reports on the deeper fallout. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
(IRCC) employees remain skeptical of the measures in place to tackle racism at
their workplace, according to a new report.
Rudy Canoza
2022-01-06 04:43:39 UTC
On 1/5/2022 8:41 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy —
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
Post by AlleyCat
Why So Many White Evangelicals Are Shifting From Vaccine Hesitance To
Because they have no courage of their convictions, of course. Everyone knows
that, Schild.
2022-01-06 05:24:20 UTC
On Wed, 5 Jan 2022 20:43:39 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
On 1/5/2022 8:41 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy ?
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
LOL... Living Rent Free In Rudy's Head - This Is What A Psycho Does When I
Trigger Him

Any questions?

Is this not the most sad and pathetic a human being can stoop to being?



What Rudy Does To Ease His Pain And Failure

A Cautionary Examination of How Rudy Reacts To Failure

Not without cause, malignant narcissism, like Rudy's, is one of the most
searched for topics on the internet, in part, because seemingly, there is so
many people, like Rudy, that appear to have those toxic traits.

Rudy is notorious, because he destabilizes his own life, making himself feel
insecure, undervalued, disparaged, or inconsequential, and as noted, can
victimize himself emotionally, as well as physically (poor wittle midget), even
financially (dirt-poor mommy-sitter).

We recognize how dangerous rudy is to himself, precisely because his pathology
drives so much of his sordid behavior, especially toward others.

His common traits such as: a hyper inflated sense of entitlement, grandiose
course THE NEED TO DEBASE OTHERS to make himself feel better... coupled with
callousness, can have devastating consequences.

The one area that is rarely talked about when it comes to the malignant
narcissist, is what happens when he fails, like Rudy does when he misspells a
word or fucks things up grammatically.

These individuals is so severely "flawed of character," that he handles failure
much different than you and I because he is not introspective or capable of
reform, and is lacking in empathy for others.

More often than not, his malignancy will likely, in time, ensure his own
downfall or failure.

(too late... done happent)

As with many personality disorders, those who are severely flawed of character,
and ESPECIALLY like Rudy... when he faces public disgrace or when he is outed
as a criminal or for his misbehavior, or when he fails in a very public way
(like, every day!)-that is when he become metastable.

(Yeah, Rudy... you ARE a Cancer)

jealousies, bad actors, malicious individuals, negativity, haters, enemies,
losers, conspirators, opposition, gain seekers, the faithless (usually seen in
religious groups or cults), or as we are seeing now in American politics, "fake
news" or "deep state" actors. There are always a large constellation of people
to blame, and Rudy casts wide to see which vacuous claim resonates.

As Rudy lashes out with vindictiveness, the malignant narcissist will continue
to talk about himself in glowing terms (Professor Canoza); irrespective of his
actual situation, as he is incapable of introspection, much less contriteness.

HE WILL TRUMPET HIS GREATNESS, his achievements, real or imagined (IMAGINED),
his faux infallibility, and even portray himself as worthy of being revered
rather than reviled.

He will seek to find someone to blame for his troubles or downfall (like those
who make him look stupid on Usenet... we know who we are... wink wink),
preferably someone that he THINKS cannot defend himself. A scapegoat is always
useful and when there is not a real one, one will be invented.

As circumstances become dire, Rudy will not take any responsibility-ever!

Anything that has gone wrong is the responsibility of others.

He will blame Usenet members as UNDESERVING OF HIS GREATNESS, ignorant
colleagues who just don't measure up.


He will, even in light of factual evidence to the contrary, LIE MORE PROFUSELY
and adamantly.

Lies will always be the number one tool of the malignant narcissist, Rudy.

The only difference now is that in facing failure or public ridicule, the lies
must increase in frequency and audacity to the point of incredulity.

Rudy will expect supporters, like the gay leftist liberals on Usenet, the
unethical, and enablers to lie for him or even create plausible alibis.

(Nope... he uses words like *FAGGOT*, so don't expect THAT to be true)


He will attack EVERYONE AND ANYONE in the most vicious and vindictive ways.

This is when we see his rage come through.

Not just anger, but unbridled rage. Rudy will say things that shock the
conscience and he expect everyone to swallow what he says, much as his enablers

"I can kill you with one hand. You know this."

"Thanks for kicking my faggot ass."

"'Self' is redundant, you toothless squat-to-piss no-fight faggot."

"I've beaten *you* to a bloody pulp, you squat-to-piss *no-fight* faggot -
every fucking time. You're a zero, as every, stale, squat-to-piss *no-fight*
faggot who incessantly bleats about "mommy's basement" *ALWAYS* is."

"... you you no-fight faggot."

"... you toothless squat-to-piss no-fight faggot"

"Kicked your flabby faggot ass again. Yes."

"You a Squat-to-Piss Faggot."

"The disgusting gurgling, slurping sounds below are just the faggots Hartung,
Sanitary Napkin and Bit of Nothingness enjoying a three-way"

"YOU lose, Nazi faggot."

The most decent of persons will be attacked, mocked, ridiculed, and turned into
a human chew-toy as Rudy unleashes untethered rage and hatred. He will dip down
into a bottomless cauldron of antipathy and like an arterial spurt, will spew
this toxic brew far and wide with metronomic regularity.

Rudy lacks guilt or a conscience, and is only concerned with respect and not
being publicly shamed. Any kind of public embarrassment will cause him further
anger, further rage, further attacks, further unethical comportment, and
unprecedented incivility.

(That's our Rudy!)

If Rudy is going to be brought down, he will also seek to bring everyone else
around them down to vindictively make them suffer.

How Rudy vilifies, lashes out, or destroys others is up to his MORBID
CREATIVITY and depravity, the viable tools he has available, and of course how
dire or desperate the situation.

(Perfect description coming)

In certain situations, as the end nears, the suffering of others is paramount
to Rudy, the malignant narcissist.

IT IS HIS WAY OF ELEVATING HIMSELF-sick as that sounds-by malevolently PAYING
BACK SOCIETY with even more suffering.

As he lashes out, he will show no concern or empathy because he has none.

As he faces failure, he will endlessly air his grievances. Narcissists, like
Rudy, are natural wound collectors and as such, has been collecting and
nurturing social slights and perceived wrongs just for this occasion.

HE WILL WALLOW IN VICTIM-HOOD claiming he has been relentlessly and needlessly
persecuted. He, of course, expects everyone to subserviently echo his flatulent

So, what happens in the end? Difficult to predict. Each circumstance is
different. Some will kick and flail and disappear for a while (like wy wee
edell and Yeung and Matt, wink wink), intentionally or thanks to incarceration
(taking care of mommy)-biding his time until he can do it all over again.

Others regroup, plan, scheme, and prepare another triumphant entry into the
lives of the unsuspecting to victimize them when the opportunity arises.

Others will hound, stalk, or just make life intolerable for those he deems

His past can often give us insight as to what he might do, but one can never be
sure-humans are terribly complex and as with many afflicted with a personality
disorder, sensitive to the smallest of unrecognized but catalytic triggers.

Rudy... triggered.
Rudy Canoza
2022-01-06 04:42:30 UTC
On 1/5/2022 8:37 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy —
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
Post by AlleyCat
Black Protestants are among those who have
No source, so a lie, as usual.
2022-01-06 05:24:09 UTC
On Wed, 5 Jan 2022 20:42:30 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
On 1/5/2022 8:37 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy ?
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
LOL... Living Rent Free In Rudy's Head - This Is What A Psycho Does When I
Trigger Him

Any questions?

Is this not the most sad and pathetic a human being can stoop to being?



Fear of "The Other"

According to A.J. Marsden, assistant professor of psychology and human services
at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, one reason Rudy hates is because he
fears things that are different from himself.

Behavioral researcher Patrick Wanis, cites the in-group out-group theory, which
posits that when Rudy feels threatened by perceived outsiders, he instinctively
turns toward our in-group-those with whom Rudy identifies as a survival

Wanis explains, "Hatred is driven by two key emotions of love and aggression:
One love for the in-group-the group that is favored; and two, aggression for
the out-group-the group that has been deemed as being different, dangerous, and
a threat to the in-group."

Fear of Himself

According to Washington, D.C., clinical psychologist Dana Harron, the things
Rudy hates about others, are the things that he fears within himself. She
suggests thinking about the targeted group or person as a movie screen onto
which Rudy projects unwanted parts of the self. The idea is, "I'm not terrible;
you are."

This phenomenon is known as projection, a term coined by Freud to describe our
tendency to reject what Rudy doesn't like about himself. Psychologist Brad
Reedy further describes projection as Rudy's need to be good, which causes him
to project "badness" outward and attack it:

"Rudy developed this method to survive, for any 'badness' in him puts him at
risk for being rejected and alone. So, Rudy represses the things that he thinks
are bad (what others told him or suggested to him that was unlovable and
morally reprehensible) - and Rudy employs hate and judgment towards others.

Rudy thinks that is how one rids himself of undesirable traits, but this method
only perpetuates repression which leads to many mental health issues.


Lack of Self-compassion

The antidote to hate is compassion - for others as well as ourselves. Self-
compassion means that Rudy accept his whole self. "If Rudy finds part of
himself unacceptable, he tends to attack others in order to defend against the
threat," says Reedy.

"If Rudy is okay with himself, he see others' behaviors as 'about them' and can
respond with compassion. If I kept hate in my heart for [another], I would have
to hate myself as well. It is only when Rudy learns to hold himself with
compassion that Rudy may be able to demonstrate it toward others."

It fills a void

Psychologist Bernard Golden, author of Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies
That Work, believes that when hate involves participation in a group (like
Usenet), it may help foster a sense of connection and camaraderie that fills a
void in one's identity. He describes hatred of individuals or groups as a way
of distracting oneself from the more challenging and anxiety-provoking task of
creating one's own identity:

(BINGO! coming up)

"Acts of hate are attempts to distract oneself from feelings such as
helplessness, powerlessness, injustice, inadequacy and shame. Hate is grounded
in some sense of perceived threat. It is an attitude that can give rise to
hostility and aggression toward individuals or groups. Like much of anger, it
is a reaction to and distraction from some form of inner pain. The individual
consumed by hate may believe that the only way to regain some sense of power
over his or her pain is to preemptively strike out at others. In this context,
each moment of hate is a temporary reprieve from inner suffering."


Societal and Cultural Factors

The answer to why Rudy hates, according to Silvia Dutchevici, LCSW, president
and founder of the Critical Therapy Center, lies not only in our psychological
makeup or family history, but also in our cultural and political history. "Rudy
lives in a war culture that promotes violence, in which competition is a way of
life," she says.

"Rudy fears connecting because it requires us to reveal something about
himself. Rudy was taught to hate the enemy - meaning anyone different than us -
which leaves little room for vulnerability and an exploration of hate through
empathic discourse and understanding. In our current society, one is more ready
to fight than to resolve conflict. Peace is seldom the option."

What Can Rudy Do?

Hatred has to be learned, Golden says: "Rudy was born with the capacity for
aggression as well as compassion. Which tendencies Rudy embraces requires
mindful choice by individuals, families, communities and our culture in
general. The key to overcoming hate is education: at home, in schools, and in
the community."

According to Dutchevici, facing the fear of being vulnerable and utterly human
is what allows us to connect, to feel, and ultimately, to love. She suggests
creating "cracks in the system." These cracks can be as simple as connecting to
your neighbor, talking with a friend, starting a protest, or even going to
therapy and connecting with an 'Other.' It is through these acts that one can
understand hate and love."

In other words, compassion towards others is the true context that heals.
2022-01-06 04:43:43 UTC
On Wed, 05 Jan 2022 12:49:02 -0600, Mitchell Holman says...
Don't expect Pastor Hartung to
get anywhere NEAR this one.........
Why not? Vaccine hesitancy in the Democrat ranks, is high.

Many Democrat anti-vaxxers ARE basing their hesitancy on faith and religion.



Liberals Are Wimps (New Study Shocks Scientific Community...


Liberal men are physically smaller and weaker than conservative men - and it's


Vice Admits Liberal Men are Weaker, Less Attractive than...


Vice Admits Liberal Men are Weaker, Less Attractive than Conservatives By
Phillip Schneider on August 11, 2020 ( Leave a comment ) While the flames of
the culture war rage, even far-left media publication Vice admits that liberal
men are weaker and less competent than conservatives.


TRUTH: Why Liberals Are WEAKER Than Conservatives

TRUTH: Why Liberals Are WEAKER Than Conservatives. Speaking of weak liberals,
who can't even stand the sight of history: Texas Restaurant Defending
Controversial Sign Some Are Calling Racist - by Robert Gehl. A Texas restaurant
is under attack on social media for what many are calling its racist décor. The
neon sign hung at Cook's Garage...


Science Proves That Liberals Are Crazier Than Conservatives


Well, I recently came across a fantastic article about another study of
Liberals - except this time, instead of focusing on the weak males, it focuses
on the average Liberal woman instead. A Ph.D. candidate at Georgia State
University has analyzed the data out of a recent Pew Research Center poll, and
the results are amazing.


Shocker: Study Shows Physically Weak Men Tend to be Liberal


Shocker: Study Shows Physically Weak Men Tend to be Liberal. In news that will
surprise absolutely no one, a new study reveals that girly men are more likely
to favor socialist policies. The study, conducted by researchers at Brunel
University London, looked at the height, weight, physical strength, and bicep
circumference of 171 men, along...


Liberalism Breeds Soft, Weak, Young "Men" - Louder With...


by Steven Crowder I know some of you think when I say "liberalism breeds weak,
fat men," that I'm merely politicizing an issue to be polarizing. I assure you
that's not the case. Allow me five hundred words to make my case. I was a
chubby kid. Strike that, I was a jiggly shrimp. Skinny-fat. The kind of kid who
was relatively thin, yet managed to ma


Why Liberals Are So Physically Monstrous And Repulsive...


Liberals are not born uglier. They voluntarily remain ugly or become uglier to
fit a narrative. "Appearance is ideology". It takes a special kind of hypocrisy
to call something that is universally seen as ugly "beautiful" and vice-versa.


Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic


Jun 9, 2016 Turns out liberals are the real authoritarians. A political-science
journal that published an oft-cited study claiming conservatives were more
likely to show traits associated with "psychoticism"...


12 Reasons Why Liberals And Progressives Will Always Be...


Liberal men however are inexcusable, they are either effeminate enough to be
emotionally manipulated or are weak and yielding to social pressures. December
10, 2016 Take The Red Pill Don't forget that Liberal men are usually the
offspring of domineering feminists or divorced feminists and sometimes single


Men With Weak Upper Bodies Tend to Be Liberal - Physically Strong Men Tend to
Be Conservative

Men who are physically strong are more likely to take a right wing political
stance, while weaker men are inclined to support the welfare state, according
to a new study.

Researchers discovered political motivations may have evolutionary links to
physical strength.

Men's upper-body strength predicts their political opinions on economic
redistribution, according to the research.

The principal investigators - psychological scientists Michael Bang Petersen,
of Aarhus University in Denmark, and Daniel Sznycer, of the University of
California in the U.S., believe that the link may reflect psychological traits
that evolved in response to our early ancestral environments and continue to
influence behavior today.

Professor Petersen said: 'While many think of politics as a modern phenomenon,
it has - in a sense - always been with our species.'

In the days of our early ancestors, decisions about the distribution of
resources were not made in courthouses or legislative offices, but through
shows of strength.

With this in mind, Professor Petersen and Professor Sznycer hypothesized that
upper-body strength - a proxy for the ability to physically defend or acquire
resources - would predict men's opinions about the redistribution of wealth.
Rudy Canoza
2022-01-06 04:47:33 UTC
On 1/5/2022 8:43 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy —
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
Post by AlleyCat
On Wed, 05 Jan 2022 12:49:02 -0600, Mitchell Holman says...
Don't expect Pastor Hartung to
get anywhere NEAR this one.........
Why not? Vaccine hesitancy in the Democrat ranks, [sic] is high.
The Hartung comma.

AlleyPussyBitch is illiterate. That's a big part of why she's a life failure.

* 60+ years old (mid 60s) — check
* full of estrogen — check
* *constant* shrieking and screeching — check
* no upper body strength — check
* *always* a no-fight pansy — check
* posts aggregator bullshit he *never* could have found on his own — check
* lies through his teeth, 100% of the time — check
* doesn't know climate science, the electrical vehicle market, electricty
generation, or any fucking thing at all — check
* shrieks all the time (oh, wait — did I already say that? LOL!) — check
* lives in mortal fear of Rudy, his intellectual, moral, professional, social
and *physical* superior — check

God damn! I mean, just, God damn!
2022-01-06 05:24:31 UTC
On Wed, 5 Jan 2022 20:47:33 -0800, Rudy Canoza says...
On 1/5/2022 8:43 PM, the mental defective AlleyPussyBitch aka Neutered Pussy ?
*NOT* a three letter athlete, was *NEVER* a bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER*
a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid, but just a
LOL... Living Rent Free In Rudy's Head - This Is What A Psycho Does When I
Trigger Him

Any questions?

Is this not the most sad and pathetic a human being can stoop to being?



There Are Several Theories For Why Rudy Can't Stop Lying

Rudy's An Undeserved Narcissist

Narcissists are often pathological liars, because they simply don't care about
the truth.

They prefer to tell lies and gain control over people than be honest.

Sometimes, compulsive liars are highly impulsive people who struggle to take
the time to think things through and tell the truth.

Lying doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, but it could be a sign of
something more sinister.

By the age of three or four, we all start to lie. At this point in our brain's
development, we learn that we have an incredibly versatile and powerful tool at
our disposal - our language - and we can use it to actually play with reality
and affect the outcome of what's happening.

Sooner or later we learn that lying is "bad," and we shouldn't really do it.
But if Jim Carey's "Liar Liar" taught us anything, it's that this just isn't
feasible. We all have to lie sometimes.

But some people are pathological liars, meaning they can't stop spreading
misinformation about themselves and others. The psychological reasons for why
some people are this way is a bit of a mystery, but in the third edition of the
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, pathological lying is a
disorder in its own right, as well as a symptom of personality disorders like
psychopathy and narcissism.

"I think it comes from a defect in the neurological wiring in terms of what
causes us to have compassion and empathy," psychiatrist Judith Orloff, author
of "The Empath's Survival Guide," told Business Insider. "Because narcissists,
sociopaths, and psychopaths have what's called empathy deficient disorder,
meaning they don't feel empathy in the way we would."

The Truth Doesn't Matter to Narcissists

When you don't care about other people, lies don't seem to matter. A lack of
empathy essentially means a lack of conscience, which is a hard concept to
grasp for a lot of people.

"When they lie it doesn't hurt them in the same way it would hurt us," Orloff
said. "So many people get into relationships with pathological liars, or just
can't understand why they're lying, because they're trying to fit these people
into the ordinary standards of what it means to be empathetic."

But they don't fit. In fact, they may not even realize they are lying half the
time, because they're not conscious of it. Orloff said they actually believe
they are telling the truth a lot of the time. It's not so much about the fact
itself, she said, as it is about wanting to have power over somebody.

This is extremely dangerous for highly sensitive people, because they attract
narcissists. Then when they see someone is lying, they try and figure it out,
or blame themselves. Once the lies start, it can end with the victim being
gaslighted, which is essentially when they are told over and over again that
their version of reality is incorrect, and they begin to believe the warped
truth of the abuser.

"The great power of relationships is when you can tell the truth to one
another, and trust each other, and be authentic - and with pathological liars
you can't trust them," Orloff said. "You can't base your life around them. It's
like a moral deficit, and there's no accountability. Someone who is a
pathological liar will not say I'm sorry for doing it. They will say it's your

The only way to escape the clutches of a pathological liar is to be strong
enough to say "no this is not my fault, this is not ringing true to me, so I
can't really trust you," she said.

Unfortunately, people tend to doubt themselves, because the lies can escalate
subtly. It may start with a small white lie, and a few months later the
victim's life with be a mess of confusion because of the web of tall tales that
has been woven.

"If somebody lies, don't try and make an excuse about it," Orloff said. "A lie
is a lie. And if you bring it up to the person and they say it's your fault, or
no it didn't happen, just know there's something very wrong going on."

Psychologist Linda Blair, an author of many psychology books, told Business
Insider some compulsive liars are simply too impulsive to tell the truth. The
impulsive-reflective scale is ingrained in our genes, and it's very hard for
someone highly impulsive to take the time to think things through, just as it
is a challenge for a reflective person to jump into something head first.

"If you're an impulsive person, it's really hard to break the habit, because
you have this terrible feeling inside you that you have to sort things out
right now," Blair said. "So when it comes to your head, you just say it. That
doesn't mean you necessarily lie, but it's a little harder for you to stop from
lying, more than it is for someone who's more reflective."

Pathological lying and narcissism aren't synonymous, they just sometimes go
hand in hand. In other cases, compulsive liars just might not have the capacity
to stop themselves blurting things out. And Blair said they just need to learn
to control their urges and compulsions. Their lies don't necessarily come from
a bad place.

"I don't think it's something they know how to deal with," she said. "We think
probably it has something to do with actual brain function and the way some
people's brains work, which makes it much harder for them to understand the
effect it will have on other people... We think, but we just don't know yet
for sure."