Whoever Posted This, Is a Dumb Fuck - MUST Have Been Kensi Who BLINDLY Believes The BBBC and ANY Other Bullshit Put To A Text Editor
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2021-12-31 07:52:28 UTC
Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making millions
more people vulnerable to these devastating storms:

"The BBC writes some pretty awful stories about climate, but it is difficult to
believe their recent one about cyclones could be anything but parody."


At present, these cyclones - or hurricanes as they are also known - are mainly
confined to the tropical regions north and south of the equator.

But researchers say that rising temperatures will allow these weather events to
form in the mid-latitudes.

What a dumb fuck.


The Global Average Temperature Dropped 0.29C Last Month - Now Sits At Just
0.08C Above The 30-Year Baseline

School Cancelled In Yakutia, Russia As Temperatures Plunge To -50C (-58F)

Record-Breaking Cold Continues To Grip Western Canada

"Red Alerts" Issued In India As Cold Wave Intensifies

Amid Freezing Lows & Energy Shortages, Europe Struggles To Keep The Lights On

Bhopal, India Suffers Lowest Temp In 55 Years

"Hazardous" Freeze To Hit The Prairies

Rare Polar Stratospheric Clouds Spotted

Europe Forecast A Bitterly Cold and Snowy Christmas

Colder Winter Headed For U.S. With Incoming 'Polar Vortex'

"Unprecedented" Cold Wave Is Hitting Scandinavia

Alaska Suffers "Persistent Record-Shattering Cold"

A Freezing Start To Winter Is "Rapidly Depleting" Europe's Gas Reserves

St. Petersburg's "Deep Freeze" Breaks 1893 Record

Sweden Busts All-Time December Low (-46.8F)

Bethel, Alaska Suffered Its Coldest November in 82 Years

Australia Suffered Coldest Nov Since 1999

Monthly Lows (And Rare Snows) Fall in Hawaii

Record Cold Grips Siberia (-68.3F)

Canada Sees Lowest November Temp Since 2004 (-45.6F)

Low Temperature Records Continue to Fall Across Europe

Australia's NSW Suffers Coldest November On Record

Record Lows Grip Europe

Sweden Registers -37.4C (-35.3F)

UK Schools Forced To Shut, + Bigger Freeze Inbound

Nordic Power Prices Surge On Sub-Zero Temps And Low Winds

Danger To Life' Warning Issued In Scotland

Spain Issues 'Cold Weather Alerts' - Restarts Old Coal Power Plant To Cope

In 2021 (To Date), A Total of 222 All-Time Low Temperature Records Have Been
Broken In The United States, Versus Just The 7 For All-Time High
Rudy Canoza
2021-12-31 07:54:12 UTC
Post by AlleyCat
Climate change will expand the range of tropical cyclones, making millions
more people vulnerable to these devastating storms
That is a true statement.